Award Winning Venezuelan-Canadian Contemporary Pop/R&B Artist JACE Carrillo to Release Metaphorical Sophomore Album “Phenomena”

Award Winning Venezuelan-Canadian Contemporary Pop/R&B Artist JACE Carrillo to Release Metaphorical Sophomore Album “Phenomena”
  • PublishedSeptember 15, 2023

Unmistakably original and refreshingly resonant, JACE Carrillo is a Contemporary Latin Pop artist who challenges the storylines and sounds of one of the biggest genres in music today. Offering thought-provoking and metaphorical lyrics, JACE’s masterful use of language connects emotion and universal human experiences with concepts that deliver his messages with profound depth. His rhythms and melodies are inspired by the gripping sounds of Contemporary popular music sprinkled with an alluring Latin flare, creating a musical tapestry that combines the movability of Pop, with cleverly communicated messages that offer relatability, inspiration, and provoke introspection. Inviting a new conversation to the concept of World Music, JACE’s universe of sound and melody contradict classifications that have generally been used to separate music, delivering modern music that transcends the barrier of language.

Montreal, QC – September 12 2023 – Award Winning Venezuelan-Canadian Contemporary Pop/R&B artist, JACE Carrillo is gearing up to release his sophomore album “Phenomena” on Friday, September 15 2023.

The recipient of Venezuela’s JUNO-equivalent Pepsi Music Award in 2022 for “The Rhythm of Life” off of his debut album, JACE Carrillo’s decorated career has soared across both Latin America and Canada, with features, performances, and artist recognition that has catapulted the artist to new heights. Drawing comparisons to global Latin superstars Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin, JACE has quickly amassed over one million streams across platforms. His music has been featured in Billboard, across the CTV and Global national networks, along with receiving features on CBC Radio, CBC Music, and CBC Television. His singles “Me Calienta” and “Eclipse” were included in CBC Searchlight’s Top 100 in 2021 and 2023. In Latin America, JACE has been interviewed by some of the biggest media outlets on the continent including Televisia MX, Warp MX, and Cúsica Venezuela. His single, “Moviendo”, reached #8 on the Venezuelan charts, and caught the attention of Miami’s EVTV. Drawing attention from some of the biggest names in the production world, JACE has collaborated with 12-time Latin Grammy Award winning engineer Felipe Tichauer (Christina Aguilera, Michael Bolton, Luis Fonsi),Luca The Producer (Reve, Preston Pablo), and Jacob Lacroix-Cardinal (Charlie Puth, Rosalia, A$AP Ferg) to bring his musical vision to life.

Defined as something observed to exist or have occurred without explanation, a phenomena is inextricably tied to any journey of self-discovery. On a musical canvas that blends skillfully crafted imagery, the global appeal of North American Pop soundscapes, and thought-provoking symbolism, JACE Carrillo’s sophomore album “Phenomena” illustrates the intangibility of emotion and interpersonal relationships. Using the invisible language of melody with lyrics in both English and Spanish, “Phenomena” uses the mysticism of the cosmos to offer compelling analogies between humanity, relationships, emotion, and space. With illuminating creativity, JACE constructs an intoxicating chemistry between sound and lyric, creating an innate flow of rhythms and melodies. Sonically communicating the meaning of each song, “Phenomena” challenges the perception of language as a barrier with the universal language of sound. 

A rhythmic expansion to the commonly held idea of Latin music, JACE Carrillo offers a brilliantly crafted, conceptual journey of love, self-discovery, and emotion through the universal language of sound A clear movement that delves into the sound of the freshest and most modern Latin Pop” – Billboard Argentina

Magnetic and colourful, the rhythmic lead track from “Phenomena” introduces the albums’ mystical and metaphoric concept with a conversation about a commonly felt transcendent experience of falling in love. “Levita“, or levitate in English, explores the sublime, suspended-in-air feeling that a new love brings, and the question of whether or not the relationship is evolving or is simply a fleeting romance. The video for the track shows a space-traveller landing on an unknown territory, searching for answers as he decides on what to do next. On a beautiful new planet, the character seems to be caught in confusion, until he begins exploring and discovers that what he needs is all around him. With the colourful flare of Latin-Pop and the rhythmic percussion of Afro-Pop, “Levita” describes the space between floating high on love and the crash landing of heartbreak. 

“Phenomena” opens with “Desapareces“, an upbeat, lyrically imagined song about falling in love within a dream, yet facing a barrier in achieving the same while awake. Bridging Anglo-Pop with the Latin world, “Desapareces” features a strong, danceable bass line alongside a seamless blend of live instruments with electronic elements. The album features two English songs, including JACE’s second single from the project titled “Equinox“, a glistening, modern R&B track with Contemporary Pop sensibilities that weaves together both melancholy and hope on an atmospheric sonic landscape. Combining electric guitars with reverb to create a spatial, cosmic aura, JACE takes listeners through a journey of two people finding themselves no longer able to relate to one another despite their best efforts, while maintaining an optimistic outlook for the future. Released as a single in the summer of 2023, “Moviendo” reached the Top 10 on Venezuelan commercial Pop radio. Comparing the perfect fit of two lovers to salt and water, “Moviendo” is a captivating, breezy, and sultry ode to a bond as deep and vast as the ocean. Tropical and passionate, the track overflows with a gripping tide of romantic heat.

Placing a definitive stamp on the universal language of sound, JACE Carrillo’s “Phenomena” presents a stunning sonic journey filled with jewel-like metaphors that poetically cover the vastness of emotion. Through exceptional storytelling and the mastery of communicating through rhythm, “Phenomena” is an experiential odyssey filled with intriguing resonance and captivating music. In a quest to expand the common perceptions of Latin music, with “Phenomena,” JACE cements his status as a boundary-pushing artist who seamlessly merges cultures and genres, inviting his audience on a cosmic journey of sound and introspection.

“Phenomena” will be available everywhere on September 15 2023

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