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Explosive Canadian R&B-Soul Artist and Emcee Meryem Saci Unites Her Genre-Bending Talents on Brand New EP “Game of Life” 

Explosive Canadian R&B-Soul Artist and Emcee Meryem Saci Unites Her Genre-Bending Talents on Brand New EP “Game of Life” 
  • PublishedApril 21, 2023
Known for her soaring vocal range, socially-focused lyrics and boundless creativity, the multi-hyphenate creative with Afro-Arabian roots flawlessly leans into her talents as a Hip-Hop artist with her first ever project dedicated to the genre.Release Date: March 31 2023 Watch: Something to Remember
Montreal, QC – April 19 2023 – Multi-hyphenate Algerian-Canadian R&B-Soul singer-songwriter Meryem Saci has just released her brand new EP “Game of Life” on Friday, March 31 2023.
Globally recognized as a soaring R&B-Soul vocalist, remarkable Hip-Hop artist and skilled lyricist, Meryem Saci’s dazzling range of artistic talents have captivated audiences around the world. Saci’s stunning and highly creative artistic proficiency merges a wide range of genres into her unique sound, seamlessly weaving elements of R&B, Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and Afro-Arabian elements into her music. Her socially focused, cleverly written lyrics stand out alongside her comprehensive rhythms, and have paved the way for her to become one of the leading multi-hyphenate artists in Canada today.

Arriving in Canada as an Algerian refugee during the devastating civil war known as the Black Decade, the young teenager found solace and inspiration in Hip-Hop which “spoke about realities that are extremely difficult, controversial, and sad, but it made it almost sound like a celebration.” As a member of global supergroup Nomadic Massive, Saci has opened for the likes of Public Enemy, Mos Def, and Busta Rhymes. After launching her
solo career, works from Saci’s debut EP and album have been featured in some of
the biggest fashion advertisements in Canada, with multiple placements in Lululemon and Dynamite clothing campaigns. Her music has appeared on TV shows and in films across the country, and her worldwide tours have helped increase her steadily growing fanbase.

Having incorporated elements of Hip-Hop into her prior releases, Saci’s sophomore EP marks her first project solely focused on her talents within the genre. Teaming up with Montreal producer Nazbrok Jaynaz to help bring her artistic vision to life, Saci challenged herself to write lyrics to a variety of Hip-Hop styles, ranging from Boom Rap, Drill, Trap, and
Afro-Pop. Weaving in musical elements from across the globe, Saci expertly marries her roots from East to West, leaving her signature touch on the biggest genre in music today. 

Meryem Saci’s “Game of Life” is an exploration in self-realization and societal issues, covering concepts of love, money, and values – a musical collection of the group of pieces that unlock the “Game of Life”. With a stunning visual component for multiple singles from the EP, Saci’s already out of this world creativity expands to include both visual storytelling and fashion. “Game of Life” opens with “Boss Up”, a song originally written to self-motivate
Saci to take control of her mindset and life path, encouraging her to move away from being reactionary to external factors. Through its haunting melody, hard hitting drums, and distinct bass line Saci’s gritty, quiet confidence shines as she encourages herself and others to not allow external chaos to knock them off balance.

The lead track from the project, “Something to Remember (STR)” features a dazzling combination of Saci’s talents, merging her explosive singing with her expert delivery of
drill-styled rap. Featuring a classical chord section that sets the dramatic and cinematic tone of the song, Saci takes ownership of who she is and her past, likening her life story to a movie. “STR” features a stunning video filmed in Portugal, oscillating between the storyline of rich vs. poor with exquisite backdrops and high-fashion, creatively conveying that despite
struggles and roadblocks, having the right mindset can shift everything.

With its piano-driven melody and underlying BoomTrap beat, “Get The Money” shares a multitude of concepts surrounding society’s obsession with money, while at the end of the day it is the one thing everyone is after. Saci’s cadence shines on top of her sparkling harmonies and vocal runs, providing a steady stream of consciousness about wealth and power.Brimming with vibrant melodies, masterful delivery, and skillfully expressed concepts, Meryem Saci’s “Game of Life” is a stunningly crafted and performed musical journey through the game-board of humanity today. Having challenged herself to create a new sonic experience for both herself and her fans, Saci’s spellbinding talent in both singing and rap brilliantly shine as she delivers personal yet universally relatable concepts. Solidifying herself among the short-list of outstanding female vocalists who rap, Meryem Saci’s boundless talents join together her international influences to make a sound all her own.

“Game of Life” is available now
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