“The Devil In Disguise” is the latest single debut from Montreal’s The Speakeasy, with guest vocalist Jean François Buteau of Colorsfade.

“The Devil In Disguise” is the latest single debut from Montreal’s The Speakeasy, with guest vocalist Jean François Buteau of Colorsfade.
  • PublishedDecember 7, 2023

Prepare to unleash your rebellious spirit with “Devil in Disguise,” a high-energy punk rock anthem that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is The Speakeasy’s final single before their upcoming debut album on Thousand Island Records, and it promises to set new expectations for the band after reaching an impressive 250k streams across all platforms. With lightning-fast guitar riffs and relentless pacing, this track offers listeners a wild journey through the dance between good and evil. Featuring acoustic guitars during its bridge alongside sing-along choruses, “Devil in Disguise” manages to offer both style variety while packing raw energy into every note — inciting headbanging/moshing as soon as possible. This sonic gut punch dares us all to embrace our most primal impulses without compromise or hesitation -ready yourself today!




The Speakeasy, a punk rock quintet famous for their lively performances and heavy skatepunk mix, emerged from Montreal’s north shore dynamic punk scene. Although the band came into being in November 2017, they have been on an extensive collective journey of two decades with the genre.

Leaving behind chaotic footprints on the punk landscape, two EPs marked their journey. With the release of their third album looming near, excitement is inescapable. The Speakeasy has been making waves with noteworthy shows at festivals like Pouzza Fest, Music 4 Cancer and Festirock; delivering electrifying live performances that have garnered them increasing attention in the world of punk rock.

The Speakeasy has thrust themselves into the spotlight by partnering with Thousand Islands Records for their second release. This partnership reflects their rebellious spirit and desire to break free from creative constraints, as they strive for unity through music that challenges societal norms. Their upcoming LP takes a departure from concept albums as an expression of freedom from rigid rules, drawing inspiration and insight from life’s raw experiences – passion, pandemics, work grind, mental health struggles addiction grips complex loves sex allure resilient fighting back after falling down. More than just providing a soundtrack to these emotions The Speakeasy celebrates punk spirit inviting you to be part of this revolution! With everything in place- set stages amp buzzing music blasting – we are ready: let’s ignite!”